The Story Of The 4th Missionary In The Terror Attack.

The Story Of The 4th Missionary In The Terror Attack.

Many of us have heard the stories of the three Elders who were injured in the terror attack, but there was a fourth missionary…Sister Clain. This is her story, and please remember her and the other missionaries in your prayers! 


The young, French LDS sister missionary on her way to the United States Tuesday morning was at the checkout desk at the Brussels airport when the first of two bombs exploded nearby, she told European news outlets Thursday.

“There was just an enormous noise, like the end of the world in a second,”Sister Fanny Clain told France TV Pluzz, “and I found myself on the ground and debris was everywhere. I was covered in gray stuff, it smelled like burning pork.

“I got up and went outside as quickly as possible,” she said. “And then people told me I was burned, and I caught site of myself in a mirror and I saw some of my burns, but I didn’t look very long.”

Gauze covered the burns on her head, hands and fingers as she gave the interview from her bed in the burn unit at Stuivenberg Hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. She also suffered burns to her legs.

“It burned,” she said, “it burned. My leg didn’t hurt too bad, it was the burns that really hurt.”

She said she didn’t panic.

“I wasn’t afraid. I just looked for help, I wasn’t afraid, people around me were very nice.”

The 20-year-old from Montélimar, France, had been serving in the France Paris Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while waiting for a permanent visa to the United States. She was at the airport to catch her flight to Cleveland, Ohio, where she was to complete her missionary assignment.

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