The Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date, A Cute Video.

The Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date, A Cute Video.
The Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date

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If you’re like me you’ve fallen in love with numerous YouTube videos depicting silliness, charity, service, and strong family values. This video is a depiction of the perfect Daddy-Daughter date. If you’re like me watching this date will make you smile.



In this video a young man gets ready for a date, dressing up in a suit and tie, talking to a friend about how nervous he is about it while briefly describing his plans for the evening. You see him walk out of his house only to turn around and knock on his own front door. Kneeling down so his face is doorknob high he waits for the door to open. When the door opens a beautiful blonde is waiting for him… a beautiful 3 year old blonde… his daughter.

“Wow, you are so beautiful.” He whispers.

“Look at your shoes!” He says excitedly as the little girl shows off her Sunday shoes.

She smiles and with lots of giggling jumps into her Daddy’s open arms, throwing her arms around his neck. (The scene was so perfect I didn’t think it could get any better… then it did!)

She stepped away from him and said “Hi Dad.”

“How did you get so cute?”

“Mommy did it for me.” (Implying her Mommy helped her get ready for the date.)

Their date continued with dinner on the back porch (strawberries, carrots, and PB&J’s), then a trip to the park. There were lots of smile, giggles, and generally good clean fun. It was the perfect date.


A few other things you should know about this video:

The lyrics to the song in the background were written by Aaron Dickson (the Dad in the video). He said he takes both of his little girls out on dates. He does it to build his relationship and memories with his little girls. He also does it to set an example for his darlings of the way men should treat them.  Aaron is not a Mormon, but he seems to be the perfect father.

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