Is It Grace Or Worthiness? Understanding The Atonement

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Is It Grace Or Worthiness? Understanding The Atonement

I’ve been talking with a friend recently who has been struggling to overcome an addiction. Over our conversations, I noticed a trend in how he perceived the way Heavenly Father


5 Surprising Evidences for the Book of Mormon

So, here’s the deal: a reality of being a Latter-day Saint in the 21st century is that each of us has either personally struggled with a crisis of faith or we


Happy Mothers Day! 30 Quotes from the Apostles/Prophets for our Moms!

As Mothers Day approaches I find myself once again on the East Coast and over 2,000 miles from my mother. Living so far away from not only my mother, but

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35+ Mormon Star Wars Memes to celebrate International Star Wars Day!

What happens when you mix the Gospel with Star Wars in meme format? Pure awesomeness! As May the 4th (be with you!) approaches I’ve been collecting and creating Mormon Star Wars Memes!


The Church announces new resources for teachers!

SALT LAKE CITY — LDS leaders continued to implement an emphasis on improved church teaching and learning Sunday when they released a new manual for Sunday School and other teachers


How Mormon Missionaries are like Jedi

How Mormon Missionaries are like Jedi As a missionary we often would talk about how Missionaries were like the Jedi, it was even brought up in a Zone Conference, one


The (not) farewell: 5 unique ways to celebrate your departing missionary

In 2002, President Gordon B. Hinckley, who was then president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mentioned the common practice of hosting a missionary “farewell” on a

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Refugees Who Are No More Strangers

A few days before my husband and I were scheduled to meet with our Salt Lake City Bishop to council about serving in an Inner City Service Mission, I received


Scam targets families of LDS missionaries

SALT LAKE CITY — The state Department of Commerce Thursday received a report of a scam targeting the grandparents of LDS missionaries with a ploy that their grandchild was in

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10 tips to improve your Family Home Evenings

10 tips to improve your Family Home Evenings  Family Home Evening turns 101 on Wednesday, April 27th. Let us come together and celebrate Family Home Evening. How can we celebrate