To Boldly Go Where No Mormon Has Gone Before

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To Boldly Go Where No Mormon Has Gone Before

“If I could just get paid to do this, that’d be like getting paid to live at Disneyland,” mused JD Payne as he faced a life-changing decision: continue his studies


3 Things Parents of Returned Missionaries Should Never Forget to Do

John walked off the plane to see his family waiting for him with balloons and a homemade banner. Tears flowed freely as he hugged his parents, his little brothers and

Live Witness Worship


Before I joined the church twenty years ago, I would compare my life to a room with no windows. It lacked warmth and light. It was cold and hard, with


5 Ways Young Single Adults Are Sabotaging Their Dating Experience

Everyone wants someone that they can love with their whole heart who will love them back, but to find that person we must walk the road of dating. A growing


Mission, faith help shape Dallas Lloyd into team leader

If you take a drive down the 800 block of El Camino Real, it’s impossible to miss the massive billboard at the road’s intersection with Galvez Street. On the billboard


Elder Oaks, “We demand … a place in the public square”

LONDON — Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles told members of the British Parliament in London on Wednesday that religious freedom allows the LDS Church


Mormon Excommunication Explained: An Act Of Love.

Mormon Excommunication Explained: An Act Of Love Much in the news has been talked about in regards to Mormon excommunication proceedings for some people (John Dehlin, and Kate Kelly). I

Create Inspire

The story behind the song. The Army of Helaman.

As a beginning songwriter a few decades ago I would often daydream about who might perform my compositions someday. More to the point, I wondered if anyone would perform them.


Vietnam grants official recognition to the LDS Church!!!

During a historic ceremony on May 31, government leaders in Vietnam granted official recognition to the Church in Vietnam. “On behalf of the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ


7 Mistakes Returned Missionaries Make And How To Avoid Them

7 Mistakes Returned Missionaries Make And How To Avoid Them The Mission is one of the best learning and growing experiences a young man or woman can have, it tests