One Missionary’s Story Of Overcoming!

One Missionary’s Story Of Overcoming!

She traveled through resistance, fear, and depression. She traveled through self-doubt, sin, and heartache. She traveled throughout the world searching for peace, ultimately finding hope and consolation by reconnecting with her family, and reconnecting with her faith.

By the time Sherie was 19, she had lived everywhere from Tokyo Japan to Southern California to Seattle Washington. It was in Washington that she met a young man who was an inactive member of the church. Her curiosity about his faith led to her taking the missionary discussions, and shortly thereafter she was baptized, despite much opposition from her bible-belt, evangelical family. At the age of 20, she married a returned missionary and together they had four children. Unfortunately, by her mid-30s, unresolved mental illness and emotional issues reared their ugly head, and Sherie suffered a complete breakdown. She and her husband divorced, and she moved away from her children and back to the Gulf Coast to stay with her mother. She completely fell away from the church, no longer practicing the faith and indulging in several addicting vices.

It was during this time that she met and re-married Joe. Their relationship reinvigorated Sherie; their marriage strengthened her and helped her to begin coping with her struggles. But in 2009, an unexpected loss would change her life forever.sherieandjoe2

Sherie’s oldest daughter, Ashleigh, passed away from an unexpected and painfully quick battle with colon cancer. Sherie reunited with her children during this painful time, and was by her daughter’s side when she passed. She felt a spirit of love, hope, and comfort, and though she returned back home, she couldn’t shake those feelings. She knew her daughter was in spirit paradise, and her anxiety grew as she feared she would not be able to join her there after this life. Her choices had to change. A mighty change was being wrought in her heart.


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Jeremy Goff was born in Denver and raised in Orem, Utah. He served a mission in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission (’12-’14). He is passionate about many things: he blogs, loves food, family, politics, and religion. He travels for work and loves to visit temples and share the gospel along the way! Follow Jeremy’s journey on his blog

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