How to Raise a Service Oriented Family

How to Raise a Service Oriented Family

Serving others is part of the fourfold mission of the church, we must serve others. Raising a righteous family is our quest her on earth, so raising a service oriented family is a vital thing to do. Here are some ways from The Quiet Grove to raise a service orientated family! 


How to Raise a Service Oriented Family

Of all the things I hope to instill in my children while still young, to have a service-oriented nature is high up on my list.

Why? Because the world is filled with enough people who are selfish, entitled, disconnected, and proud. I want my children to grow up to be loving, kind, selfless, and humble. The best way I know to help my children to obtain these Christ-like attributes to teach them the joy of serving.

The best way to teach your children about service is by example and by giving them plenty of opportunities to experience the power of service in their own lives.

Here are 11 great ways in which you can serve as a family (no matter how young or old your children are)


1- Create a family service Theme


I have a friend who is also big on teaching her children service. Their Family theme is ECHO= Everyone Can Help Others. She says her children are always on the lookout for ways to serve and sometimes fight over who gets to help. (like when they are at the store and see someone drop something unaware or need help returning a cart.) She said she wants to have shirts made with their family theme on it that they can all wear when they go out and do service projects. I LOVE this idea.

Other favorite Service themes are JOY=Jesus Others You and Hands to Serve Hearts to God. Let your kids help come up with your family theme. You can make a night of it and use this as a teaching opportunity to explain why you want service to be such a focus in your family.


2-Family Service Projects


Growing up I loved to be in charge of setting up family service projects. Whether it was raking leaves, shoveling snow, or cleaning windows we always had so much fun helping others.

Serving together strengthened our family bonds, and was tons of fun too. More often than not we would find ourselves talking about all sorts of things and laughing together as we worked.


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