Two Reasons The ‘Missionary Mom’ Dawn Armstrong Started Blogging

Two Reasons The ‘Missionary Mom’ Dawn Armstrong Started Blogging

Almost all of us fell in love with Dawn Armstong, the ‘missionary mom’ off meet the Mormons, she captivated us with her story of redemption and love, and now Dawn has started blogging again, and she is sharing some insights into why  

The Two Reasons I’ve Started Blogging. (again)

Yes. I used to blog my kids special memories, wonderful moments with my hubby, and of course, my inner most thoughts. Then life happened. Hubby got a job traveling, I was flying solo all of the time with my littles, and I was so overwhelmed. Something had to give, and it ended up being the pressure of writing everything down.

Among all my regrets in life, that has been one of my biggest. I have robbed myself of reading a few words and in an instant, being swept right back into that moment with complete clarity. That is what journaling does. It allows me to go back to those red letter days and be reminded just how good life can be. To also travel back to the toughest moments of my life, feeling that level of desperation again. Right back into the spaces of time where I can’t breathe. I need those reminders of being down for the count, because it also reminds me that through all of it,  here I stand…unbroken.

Writing is a release for me. It forces me to confront feelings. It’s healing to reflect on the concerns of my heart. Cherishing the lessons of this life is how we remember that every day, we are becoming something more.

So, friends, I started this blog for two reasons:

1. To face my fears.

2. To help people.

Let me address number 1 first. What do I mean to “face my fears”?  Well, that’s a two-fold answer.

First, I don’t ever want to lose the things that matter most.  I don’t want to forget a single moment in my life, and the lessons it taught me no matter how hard. So many times we say to ourselves, “I am never going to forget this.” and yet we do.  There have been so many times when my kids have said…”Hey, remember that one time…” and I struggle remembering what is so vivid to them. That is the tragedy of not writing things down, we lose that window back in time. I don’t want to lose any more windows, and I’d even like to retrace my steps.

The SECOND, most important fear to address is that I don’t ever want my children to lose me. When I was a young child, the fear of losing my mother haunted me, every single night. She lived a very different life than the one I live now. There were so many scary things that I watched her go through, I had no idea when one of them would cut her life short. I needed her so badly, and even though there was very little that she had the capacity to give me as an addict…she was all I had, and I wanted her.

Read the rest at Dawn Armstrongs new blog

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