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Advances in Forensic Science Reveal the Most Famous Face in History: Jesus Christ

From the first time Christian children settle into Sunday school classrooms, an image of Jesus Christ is etched into their minds. In North America he is most often depicted as being taller

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Were There 3 or 12 Wise Men? And Who Were They Really?

Since there were three gifts given to the Christ child, we naturally assume there were three wise men. However some academics believe this wasn’t the case. Here’s what we know

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The Top 8 Can’t Miss Christmas Music Videos from This Year

If you’re anything like me, your Facebook feed is probably brimming with Christmas music videos. And, that’s one of the things I look forward to the most this wonderful season–the

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5 Ways to Actually Understand What’s Going on in the Temple

I have only a faint recollection of the first time I went to the temple. I really had no idea why I was going and what it was going to do

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10 Ways Mormons Can Keep Christ in Christmas

With so much focus on buying, giving, and getting it’s easy to lose focus of the true meaning of Christmas. This list gives 10 simple ways you can keep Christ

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10 of the most indispensable LDS talks ever given

The April 2014 General Conference was inspiring and relevant, as all such conferences are. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are counseled to study the words

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Modesty: It’s for Boys, Too

Recently, my 13-year-old son began lifting weights after school. As a result, he has developed large, well-defined biceps. Anxious to show off his new muscles, he asked me if we

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President Monson Sends Condolences to Texas Shooting Survivor at Family Funeral

The Stay family funeral was a celebration of love, life, and family as Church leaders, loved ones, and friends spoke on the importance of faith and eternal families. In a

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Never too late: 100-year-old woman baptized into LDS Church

For those who know the story of Madeline Baldwin, a recent convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the message is clear. “You’re never too old,” the

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Washington Park Ward

This morning was one of those typical Seattle mornings.  It was kind of dark and very overcast and cool.  Not cold, but not really warm either.  The clouds overhead looked like