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4 Things I Wish I Was Told About The Temple Before I Was Endowed

I preface this article with this. I have been a temple worker and in the past 3 years since returning from my mission I have visited 65 different Temples and

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What I Learned From Visiting 55 Temples In 2 Years.

What I Learned From Visiting 55 Temples In 2 Years     As of December 31st, 2015 I had visited 55 Temples across North America ranging from San Diego California


Biggest Team Ever Digs at Nephi’s Bountiful

Overhead a sound like a hive of bees hums as a quadcopter drone takes photos and videos of every possible angle of Khor Kharfot, the candidate for Nephi’s Bountiful that

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From Arranged Marriage to Temple Sealing

Editor’s Note: This story was first published on Meridian Magazine. It is Saturday in Kathmandu, Nepal, the day Latter-day Saints join for meetings and celebrate the Sabbath. Members who come

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5 Reasons Why Mormons Travel a Lot

1. It’s in our Blood Okay I know not every member has ancestors who crossed the plains or came across the Atlantic, but it is in our blood to travel.