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LDS Church responds to leaked videos of private meetings of Mormon apostles

The LDS Church and a former George W. Bush Cabinet member responded Sunday afternoon to the unauthorized leak of 15 videos of briefings provided to the church’s Quorum of the

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The Council of Fifty

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s a record that has been speculated about for decades. Now it’s accessible to anyone who wants to read it. The newest volume of the Joseph

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Utah Ranked Happiest State in America

Can money truly buy happiness? Most people might be inclined to say no, based on moral principles. But some researchers beg to differ, suggesting that money can indeed contribute to

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LDS Church launches ‘Preventing Suicide’ website

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The LDS Church launched a new “Preventing Suicide” webpage on Thursday to provide resources for those who struggle with thoughts of suicide and give assistance

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The Untold Story Of The Mormon Bayou Food Angel

The Untold Story Of The Mormon Bayou Food Angel How does it sound to cook food for an army of Mormon Helping Hand volunteers? How about doing the cooking from

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Mormons Really Give Over 550 Million A Year Not 40 Million.

Much has been said about the recent lecture that Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave at Oxford, many critics of the Church have said that the church only gives 40 million

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6 Ways For Young Single Adults To Prepare For Marriage

6 Ways For Young Single Adults To Prepare For Marriage Marriage is the “M word” in the YSA wards of the Church. As a single LDS guy I live in


LDS Church’s chief lawyer says not all religious freedoms should be defended the same

PROVO — The top lawyer for the LDS Church proposed Thursday that people of faith should prioritize the defense of an innermost core of religious freedoms. They also have to


To Boldly Go Where No Mormon Has Gone Before

“If I could just get paid to do this, that’d be like getting paid to live at Disneyland,” mused JD Payne as he faced a life-changing decision: continue his studies


5 Ways Young Single Adults Are Sabotaging Their Dating Experience

Everyone wants someone that they can love with their whole heart who will love them back, but to find that person we must walk the road of dating. A growing