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5 Things Missionaries Wish Church Members Knew

5 Things Missionaries Wish Church Members Knew As an LDS missionary in the Manchester New Hampshire Mission, I often had things I wanted to tell the members, but I did

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25 Ways to Love Yourself

25 Ways to Love yourself When I was younger I was too skinny, too flat, too awkward (especially around the opposite sex) and too shy. I was too frumpy and

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15 Quotes To Increase Your Happiness from President Uchtdorf

15 Quotes To Increase Your Happiness from President Uchtdorf   This past September I had an opportunity to visit my mission in New England, while I was there I attended


Insights from a Temple Worker

Growing up and doing baptisms for the dead, I never thought much about all of the people dressed in white who gave me directions and performed the ordinances in the


9 Things Single LDS “Good Guys” Wish Girls Understood

9 Things Single LDS “Good Guys” Wish Girls Understood   After writing  “8 Things Single LDS Girls Wish Boys Understood” Guys started coming out of the woodworks, in my ward, former mission companions, random

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8 Things Single LDS Girls Wish Boys Understood

As a returned missionary, there is one thing that is pounded into us more than anything else. That we need to date and get married. But I ran into a

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When Writing the Story of Your Life, Don’t Let Someone Else Hold the Pen

All of us face our own fellowshipping/members issues. We will almost always find ourselves in various situations where we could choose to be offended by the actions of others whether

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A Leader Worth Emulating: Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley

After watching General Conference I couldn’t help but ponder that professionally I’ve watched, up close and personal, many leaders perform. I’ve been with giants of industry, and leaders of nations

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The Secret Life of a Bishop’s Wife

On the surface, it appeared to be a typical Sunday in a typical LDS chapel in Phoenix.  There were a couple of items, however, that would make it stand out

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16 New Year’s Resolutions from the Prophets for 2016

The prospect of perfectly living all the principles taught at general conference can be daunting. But taken one at a time, the inspired counsel of Church leaders can enrich and