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5 New Years Resolutions Every Latter-day Saint Should Consider In 2017

5 New Years Resolutions Every Latter-day Saint Should Consider In 2017! Every year we set new years resolutions, some of them are wise and some are foolish, but most only last

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‘America does not need me’: BYU Graduate dedicated to building schools in his homeland

In Salt Lake’s newest library — a brand new, modern public building in the Marmalade district — you’ll find a man who grew up in Mali, West Africa: a place

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Mormons Really Give Over 550 Million A Year Not 40 Million.

Much has been said about the recent lecture that Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave at Oxford, many critics of the Church have said that the church only gives 40 million

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The story behind the song. The Army of Helaman.

As a beginning songwriter a few decades ago I would often daydream about who might perform my compositions someday. More to the point, I wondered if anyone would perform them.



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published a coloring book for children based on stories from the Book of Mormon. This new resource will help children gain a


Come Sing With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

Come Sing With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Have you ever wanted to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle choir? Before now you had to be a world famous singer like Glades

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6 Questions from A Prophet to Make This Year Your Best

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shared these questions in one of his talks from the latest General Conference. I think they are a great way to reflect on life as we

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The Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date, A Cute Video.

If you’re like me you’ve fallen in love with numerous YouTube videos depicting silliness, charity, service, and strong family values. This video is a depiction of the perfect Daddy-Daughter date.