The brothers who begin The Book of Mormon add meaning to new LDS video series

The brothers who begin The Book of Mormon add meaning to new LDS video series

Jackson VanDerwerken isn’t having the average 17-year-old summer. He’s living more than 2,000 miles from his home and portraying a character he’s known since singing “I will go, I will do” as a child — the prophet Nephi.

Similar to the Bible videos detailing the life of Jesus Christ, new videos produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will portray the stories and the people in the Book of Mormon.

The five-year project will create short films depicting somewhere over 60 percent of the Book of Mormon, although Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr., General Authority Seventy and chairman of the project’s steering committee, noted in the first year they’ve already chosen to add a scene so it could end up being more.

The first year of filming is focused on producing videos detailing 1 Nephi 1–18. The story begins with Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and setting out for the Promised Land. On the journey, he brings his four sons, Laman (Mace Sorensen), Lemuel (Sam Petersen), Sam (Cooper Sutton) and Nephi (VanDerwerken).

A hope for the new Book of Mormon video series is to amplify the meaning of the book, and as the four actors have developed their roles as the sons of Lehi, they’ve found new personal meaning for their characters.

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