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Dating Counsel From My YSA Bishop That Every YSA Needs To Hear

Dating Counsel From My YSA Bishop That Every YSA Needs To Hear Dating advice is the most frustrating thing ever, everyone gives conflicting advice! One person will say “talk more”, another “talk less.” One will say do something “spiritual” and someone else “something non-churchy.” In the middle of this I turned to my YSA Bishop and asked him for his advice and he gave me the following amazing points, the more we talked the more I realized how powerful this


25 Ways To #LIGHTtheWORLD On The Worldwide Day Of Service!

This originally appeared on and has been reposted in full with permission. I have been excited for the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign this Christmas since I heard about it three weeks ago, I wanted to plan something really awesome I could do for the worldwide day of service on December 1st. I then rolled my ankle really bad the Monday before Thanksgiving, as I laid on the sofa I was frustrated, I wanted to serve others, I wanted to help light the

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4 Things I Wish I Was Told About The Temple Before I Was Endowed

I preface this article with this. I have been a temple worker and in the past 3 years since returning from my mission I have visited 65 different Temples and I have gone over 200 times, I love the Temple! What I am saying is 100% ok to talk about outside of the temple. Here are 4 things I wish I was told about the Temple before I was Endowed! 1st Go to the Temple again as soon you can. When you

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In Jerusalem, Mormon apostles and Jewish leaders like Joe Lieberman remember Orson Hyde prayer

Mormon apostles joined Joseph Lieberman and other prominent Jewish leaders at the Mount of Olives on Thursday to remember the 175th anniversary of an LDS leader’s historic prayer dedicating Jerusalem as a gathering place for the Jewish people. Lieberman, a former U.S. senator from Connecticut and a vice presidential candidate in 2000, was part of a large delegation of American Jewish leaders who commemorated Orson Hyde’s prayer in Jerusalem with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder Quentin L. Cook of


Church Updates Official ‘Mormon and Gay’ Website

Church Updates Official ‘Mormon and Gay’ Website provides ministerial materials for members “Even though I still don’t understand everything, I know that I don’t have to. All I am asked to do is love as God would love.” This comment, and many others like it, is included in an updated version of “Mormon and Gay,” an official website from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The site reinforces the reality that, in the words of one Mormon

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‘Hand of God moments’ lead Philadelphia 76ers CEO to join LDS Church

‘Hand of God moments’ lead Philadelphia 76ers CEO to join LDS Church   At the end of July, friends of Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil received a text from him that simply said, “I believe.” The text was his way of informing them of his decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. O’Neil, who is not only CEO of the Sixers but also of the New Jersey Devils and the Prudential Center,

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‘America does not need me’: BYU Graduate dedicated to building schools in his homeland

In Salt Lake’s newest library — a brand new, modern public building in the Marmalade district — you’ll find a man who grew up in Mali, West Africa: a place more different than many of us could even imagine. “At night sometimes we’ll be so hungry that we couldn’t sleep,” said Yeah Samake. “My mother will come and tie my stomach with a handkerchief so that it will shrink a little bit, I don’t feel the pain of hunger.” Such


6 Myths About Missionaries That Members Need To Stop Believing.

6 Myths About Missionaries That Members Need To Stop Believing.  Within Mormon culture, there are quite a few myths about missionaries and missionary work, some of them are awesome stories about the early days of the church, but there are a few myths that are not acceptable and that we need to stop believing. Specifically, there are 6 myths about missionaries that members need to stop believing. 1st You Are A Bad Missionary If You Go Home Early. A lot


20 little-known facts about the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple on the 20th anniversary of its dedication

Happy 20th Birthday to my temple! I received my endowments and I have been an Ordinance worker at the Mount Timpanaogos Temple!  As part of the 20th anniversary of the dedication of the Mount Timpanaogos Utah Temple, here are 20 little-known facts about this House of the Lord: The Mount Timpanogos Temple was the Church’s 49th operating temple. The Mount Timpanogos Temple was preceded by the Hong Kong China Temple and it was followed by the St. Louis Missouri Temple. There

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3 Truths The Restoration Teaches Us About Christopher Columbus

3 Truths The Restoration Teaches Us About Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus is one of the most controversial historical figures. Whereas academia has demonized him, the leaders of the church have defended him as instrumental in the hands of God. It is kinda funny how often academia has demonized someone who the Church defends… Like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other leaders of the church slander is Satan’s greatest tool to destroy and discredit the restoration. Two important things to