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You are probably here because of Facebook. Our Facebook page has been around for a while and actually used to be called “Mormons” but we changed the name to “Happy Mormons” and started to have more fun with it. We now have this website to publish even more smile-creating content for all who wish to visit (and revisit!). This is NOT an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but our goal is only to publish those things which would make the prophet smile as well as anyone else.

Our mission at Happy Mormons is do all in our power to spread principles that lead to happiness. We think that there are many things that contribute to and support a life of happiness and abundance. Some things are more important than others, but post about all of the following:


Optimism. This is such an important part of happiness. Countless studies show that happiness is a decision and optimism is a crucial catalyst of that decision.

Overcoming. We all have trials. We all have to overcome. When we do, it brings happiness and hope and it inspires us and others to become our highest self.


Happiness can come from practical everyday living. So we write about practical stuff. Life hacks for Mormons and others who may be interested.


Humor is an important part of healthy and happy living. Prophets and apostles agree with us here. And we want to make you laugh out loud, a lot!


Everyone needs love. Relationships affect every single person in this world and we believe (and research shows) that those who are happiest are people with rich and loving relationships. Friendship. Dating. Marriage relationships. Family. These are the backbone of life. And they are all powered by love.


When we are truly, wholly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are happy. So we write about true conversion and worship. Worshipping in spirit and in truth.


Mormons travel a lot. Here are a few reasons why. Traveling, in our opinion contributes to our overall happiness. Who doesn’t dream about that vacation they want to take to the remote island or to Jerusalem or to the British Isles or the Safari in Africa? People who have something to look forward to, are happier. So we write about travel.


Mormons are missionaries. If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is inherent in your membership to share this with other people. If you truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, it makes you happy. When anyone truly experiences the joy that comes with being converted to the Gospel, you naturally want to share that with everyone. We write about being a missionary.


The happiest people are creators. We all came to this life to create something and we are literal sons and daughters of the Creator. It is in our spiritual DNA to want to create and it makes us happy. So we write about the joy of being creators.


  1. Ian (a Mormon fan)
    Ian (a Mormon fan) 11 December, 2015, 22:18

    I’m a non Mormon that follows (and comments) on the happy Mormon Facebook feed. I’d like to share some thing I wrote in a chat with a Mormon friend of mine (I think it would make a good meme).

    “My reading of the new testament stuff is approximately: hey kids. here’s how you do it. See I can do it and so can you. be good and be awesome — love Jesus.”

    So I just wanted to say. I love the Happy Mormon facebook posts. I share quite a few of them. The add more light to my day.


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