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Mormons Really Give Over 550 Million A Year Not 40 Million.

Much has been said about the recent lecture that Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave at Oxford, many critics of the Church have said that the church only gives 40 million

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6 Ways For Young Single Adults To Prepare For Marriage

6 Ways For Young Single Adults To Prepare For Marriage Marriage is the “M word” in the YSA wards of the Church. As a single LDS guy I live in


LDS Church’s chief lawyer says not all religious freedoms should be defended the same

PROVO — The top lawyer for the LDS Church proposed Thursday that people of faith should prioritize the defense of an innermost core of religious freedoms. They also have to


To Boldly Go Where No Mormon Has Gone Before

“If I could just get paid to do this, that’d be like getting paid to live at Disneyland,” mused JD Payne as he faced a life-changing decision: continue his studies


3 Things Parents of Returned Missionaries Should Never Forget to Do

John walked off the plane to see his family waiting for him with balloons and a homemade banner. Tears flowed freely as he hugged his parents, his little brothers and