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LDS PhD Student Makes Accidental DNA Discovery at BYU

A BYU graduate student has made a discovery he says could change the way we understand diseases. And this discovery was all by accident. Paul Bodily, who is working toward


How the Book of Mormon Design Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

Pause for a moment and picture a copy of the Book of Mormon. What does it look like? Is it slender and blue with gold embossing on the front? Or

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The Secret Life of a Bishop’s Wife

On the surface, it appeared to be a typical Sunday in a typical LDS chapel in Phoenix.  There were a couple of items, however, that would make it stand out


One Big Reason Young Mormons Are Afraid of Marriage (And How to Fix It)

As a young single adult in the Church, I’ve had a plethora of conversations with friends about why we’re afraid of dating, afraid of commitment, afraid of marriage—or all of

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When Angels Saved President Russell M. Nelson’s Life

Do we really believe in angels? Well, the answer is no and yes. No, we do not believe in angels as most people imagine them, with colossal wings and cherubic

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Did Jesus Visit Russia After His Resurrection?

It was in front of me and I could only stare and mumble, “Thank you.” Hardly the grateful gesture I wanted to give to the Russian Orthodox priest proudly standing

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16 New Year’s Resolutions from the Prophets for 2016

The prospect of perfectly living all the principles taught at general conference can be daunting. But taken one at a time, the inspired counsel of Church leaders can enrich and

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LDS Restaurant Manager Turns Robbery into Hilarious, Viral Commercial

After a break-in at Frijoles & Frescas restaurant on Charleston Boulevard earlier this month, store manager Greg Carlson took matters into his own hands, turning security footage into a YouTube

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Why I Stay in the Church Even When I Doubt or Get Confused

After a near mental collapse, I took some time to reconnect with God. During that time, He gave me personal revelation and three specific things I needed to do to

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10 Great Mormon Moments from 2015

The year 2015 has seen a lot of exciting changes in the Church. From five new temples built in Argentina, Utah, Peru, Indiana, and Mexico, to three new apostles being called to the Quorum of the Twelve,