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The Ten Most Expensive Mormon Books

I have been selling rare Mormon books for almost 30 years. During that time, I’ve seen the price of a first edition Book of Mormon [1830] increase from around $5,000

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When Writing the Story of Your Life, Don’t Let Someone Else Hold the Pen

All of us face our own fellowshipping/members issues. We will almost always find ourselves in various situations where we could choose to be offended by the actions of others whether


Amazing Quotes from Famous Historical Figures on The Mormons

JOHN F KENNEDY “Of all the stories of American pioneers and settlers, none is more inspiring than the Mormon trail. The qualities of the founders of this community are the



Don’t mess up, don’t mess up (the Sacrament Prayer). Why didn’t Lehi and Nephi just leave Laman and Lemuel behind? I’ve been coming to church for 30+ years now and

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A Leader Worth Emulating: Remembering Gordon B. Hinckley

After watching General Conference I couldn’t help but ponder that professionally I’ve watched, up close and personal, many leaders perform. I’ve been with giants of industry, and leaders of nations

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President Uchtdorf Meets Harrison Ford, Presents “Candy Bomber” with Aviation Award

On Friday, January 22, John Travolta hosted the 13th Annual “Living Legends of Aviation” Awards, and Harrison Ford presented the Aviation Legacy Award. Recognized during the night was Colonel Gail

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8 Times Unicorns Were Mentioned in the Bible

Students of the Old Testament are well aware that it contains passages which many in the world find fantastic. From Noah’s Ark to Jonah and the whale, many stories and


13 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Utah Do

Most of these things I didn’t even know were weird! Heads up: quite a few of these weird quirks are things influenced by the heavy Mormon population. And we’re not


5 Gospel Lessons from the “I Have a Dream” Speech

1. God is no respecter of persons. By virtue of being sons and daughters of God, all men and women—no matter their ethnicity—have unalienable rights: the right to freedom and

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5 Revealed Truths about Heavenly Mother

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a historically complicated relationship with the doctrine of Mother in Heaven. On one hand, the Church is unique in its bold teachings