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10 Things Only Mormons Will Understand

Editors Note: This article was originally posted at 1. Coming home from church after Fast Sunday just to realize we don’t have any food.        2. What we

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Mormons love The Newsies, So does Vocal Point

Mormons love The Newsies. Okay maybe not as much as The Princess Bride, but still this movie was in every home of my LDS friends growing up and when I

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From Arranged Marriage to Temple Sealing

Editor’s Note: This story was first published on Meridian Magazine. It is Saturday in Kathmandu, Nepal, the day Latter-day Saints join for meetings and celebrate the Sabbath. Members who come


6 Ways to Activate the Power of the Atonement in Your Life

***This article was originally published on The Returned Missionary blog, and has been republished on with their permission.   You may have seen my article about why God gets angry. In short,

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Apostle Photos: When They Were Called

They’re as familiar to us as our favorite movie stars, but do you remember when they were first called to be apostles? Check out these “then and now” photo comparisons

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Follow the Prophet (and Apostles) on Twitter

Follow the Prophet! (on Twitter) No really, you can actually follow him on Twitter now. Elder M. Russell Ballard joined and sent out his first official tweet after a CES

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7 Tricky Tongue Twisters for Mormons

Try to say these 7 times fast! This post was originally posted on 1. Brother Brick took Brother Beck’s big blue back pack. Now Brother Beck begs Brother Brick to

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12 Reasons Why Olaf Would Make a Terrific Missionary

We all know and love Olaf, the comic relief in the movie Frozen. Here are 12 Reasons Why Olaf Would Make a Terrific LDS Missionary.  1. He Takes Pleasures in


16 Palindromes That Even Mormons Will Laugh At

If you need a chuckle today, or you just want to make your friends think you are cool, here are some palindromes that might just make you smile. We all